Heat It To Beat It 2017


On Sunday, September 17, our Team will participate in the 8th Annual “Heat It To Beat It” Walk and you can be a part of it by making a donation on the Team fundraising page! This walk was launched eight years ago to raise awareness and funds for research for a unique surgery and treatment of a rare form of cancer. 

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy ( HIPEC) is a highly effective, concentrated, heated chemotherapy that is delivered directly to cancer cells in the abdomen – this cancer is known as peritoneal carcinomatosis ( PC).  The Institute for Cancer Care at Mercy is one of only a handful of medical institutions in the country that offer this treatment and is dedicating extensive research to the use of HIPEC in the fight against this rare form of cancer of the abdomen and organs within the abdominal cavity as well as treating ovarian cancer.

 “Heat It To Beat It” refers to the use of the heated chemotherapy, which we’ve all learned is essential in beating this type of cancer! The walk is our vehicle to raise awareness and the necessary funds to continue the research that brings us this life saving treatment.

 I am motivated to participate in this event because more work must be done to bring awareness to this rare cancer and additional research must continue to perfect and develop a better HIPEC.  I want to give a special thanks to Duane Stevens and the Ballhawks who started the IN IT TO WIN IT FOR JASON campaign.  Duane, the Ballhawks, friends, family and my Birkey's coworkers have inspired me to do more.  I feel like I not only need to help myself fight this cancer, but more importantly I want to help others too.      

We hope you will consider supporting us and this important cause by joining the team, registering to participate or making a donation!

 Your support is appreciated!



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